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Chloe Olivia Carlisle is a primary protagonist in Silicon Flux.


Her mother died five years ago, her father has been dead quite a bit longer. It's been her and Alice ever since. They live together in a two-bedroom apartment.

She runs a blog on SAG's website. She writes her feelings, no matter how frustrating or sad they are. Being a very passionate person, she has lots to say about everything. She begins to grow an audience, who are unaware of her identity.


Chloe is Alice’s younger sister. She can be a little too outgoing and eager sometimes but everyone sees her as part of the crew. She's a bit quirky, something met with initially mixed (but later positive) reactions from the group.

She's very bubbly and sometimes she's written off as a result. She's not to be underestimated however, as she's quite resourceful and good at thinking on her feet.


She is white, with long wavy blonde hair and blue eyes. She is 5'3" with a slender build. Her ears are pierced and she has a naval piercing. She plans to get the signature black violet tattoo when she turns 18.

She also has unique sense of style. She likes to experiment with her clothing, so she has a healthy mix of attire. She loves sparkly dresses but also often wears neon colored clothing to stand out. She wears black on rare occasions and loves hats.



Chloe is very interested in Nick, but realizes it isn't mutual. She's just happy to spend time with him, so when he invites her looting with him, she agrees. She proves herself to him when a moment of quick thinking leads to a stolen kiss in a closet that saves them from consequences. Due to her role as Black Violet, she feels it would be unsafe for him to get too close to her and as a result she turns him down when he asks her out. Eventually, however, she explains everything to him and they agree to pursue a relationship anyway.


She and Alice are extraordinarily close, as Alice had to take on a caretaker role for Chloe when she was very young. Alice worries about Chloe and the kind of trouble she could be getting into, but also doesn't have the heart to punish Chloe for doing something Alice herself was unable to do, as she had to care for their dying parents.


Due to her age she isn't super close to anyone in the group, but her blossoming friendship with Nick and relation to Alice leads to her being accepted into SAG with no resistance, and everyone is very warm towards her.


She loves writing, both for the RR website and on her own. She enjoys using her VR headset to game. She dabbles in urbex but isn't as into it as the others from the group.


Chloe is still a student, and she's debating on what to do about her future when she's swept into the heist and left with few options.

She is an extremely talented writer for her age. At the end of the book, she was about to take an internship at the local paper, and she was writing a book.