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KL (Katharine Lindsey), or Katie Glover (February 15, 1995) is the author behind the stories on this wiki. Katie has been writing for over 20 years and this has resulted in a lot of stories.

Katie Glover
Katie in 2023
Full Name Katharine Lindsey Glover
Personal Info
Born February 15, 1995
Pseudonyms Lindsey Francis Lee, KL Glover
Genres Explored suspense, romance, sci-fi, cyberpunk, urban fantasy, horror
Hobbies knitting, crochet, gaming

Early Life (1995-2005)

Katie was born in 1995 in Jeffersonville, Indiana, moving between there and the nearby towns of Clarksville and New Albany until 2005. In 2005, she moved to Russell Springs, Kentucky, where she lived until 2009, moving back to New Albany and remaining in the New Albany-Clarksville area from then on.

Introduction to Writing

Always a voracious reader, Katie eventually realized all that reading had given her stories of her own. And once she started writing, she didn't stop. She was required to participate in the Young Authors program through school, in which she placed in the top 3 in her class 2nd-4th grade. Eventually, she began to realize she had more ideas than could be shared in school projects, so she began to write on her own.

Early Works (2002-2006)

Due to her lack of computer, most of her early work was handwritten. This included work such as Inventing to Win and Almost Busted, the latter of which has seemingly been lost to time. Upon receiving a hand-me-down computer from her grandfather, she was able to write a lot more, writing things such as Haunted Theater and the Layla Browning Saga.

Middle School (2006-2009)

She wrote a lot in middle school, both handwritten and typed. Middle school was spent exploring more romantic themes, something she'd been hesitant about before. The Layla series blossomed the most, being her brainchild for the duration of that time period. Other stories include more of Haunted Theater, Summer Under the Stars, and Caseman Rules.

The Layla Browning Saga

Her first gander at writing a series was the Layla Browning Saga, a series of short stories. This series followed a girl named Layla, starting on her thirteenth birthday and following her through middle and high school. She was a detective who solved mysteries. The series was very chaotic, with no real canon or coherent arcs. Despite this, it was a fun series that she has been considering rewriting now that she has more writing knowledge.

High School (2009-2013)

Katie started several things her freshman year. She completed two novellas. One was about a boy named Truett and his best friend and family. One was about three friends who rose to fame. Her biggest project during high school, however, was Letting Go.

Letting Go

Letting Go was an inspirational high school drama about a girl named Riley who was recovering from her best friend's suicide. She ends up getting raped and subsequently having a child. It follows her as she deals with this, along with growing feelings for her other best friend. This series had one 45K novel done, an incomplete sequel with 36K words, and two other books planned along with some spin-offs. Due to the subject matter and lack of interest, this project has been dropped permanently.

After High School (2013-present)

At some point during high school, Katie began to lose traction, focusing more on shortform poetry, feeling unable to write anything else. Because of this, for the first several years after high school there wasn't much written. She wrote one novella, Coven, which was a struggle and is being rewritten.


The original version of Coven was written over the course of several years, beginning in late 2013 and ending in late 2017. It made it midway into a second round of editing before being put on the backburner until 2022, when Katie began deconstructing and rewriting it over the course of six months. Coven is a supernatural suspense about two friends who visit New Orleans on Halloween. A sequel is being written and a third is planned, plus some spin-offs about side characters.

Silicon Flux

Katie's next big project was Silicon Flux. This is an 82K word cyberpunk novel about a group of friends attempting to take down a megacorporation. This one took approximately 11 months to write, and a bit longer to conceptualize. A sequel is planned, with hopes for a trilogy.

The Future

Katie has plans for a massive shared universe of folklore creatures. She has multiple planned and is currently writing and outlining a few.

She has plans for a sequel to Silicon Flux, which she is currently trying to plot.

She has several rewrites planned, and a few original one-offs with no current planned connection to any other series or book.

Personal Life

Katie has two siblings, Casey (b. 1998) and Lissie (b. 2007), both of whom also enjoy writing. She has been with her boyfriend, Cameron, since June 2017. Her other hobbies include knitting, crochet, and gaming.