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Nicholas Michael 'Nick' Ledger is one of the main protagonists of Silicon Flux.


Born to the CFO of the largest megacorporation in the world, Nick was born into extreme privilege. This led to him becoming entitled and hard to interact with. While most of the higher-ups at Sahara sent their children to elite private schools, or hired tutors, Nick's parents wanted him to have a relatively normal life, and they hoped him attending school would help him manage his issues and become less entitled.

Unfortunately, due to his father's status, he had a hard time making friends, as all the students either despised him for his privilege, didn't trust him not to report wrongdoings to his father, or both. This led to him becoming more aware of the negative effects of Sahara and he began to despise his father and by extension the company for his struggles.

His behavior eventually led to behavior problems at school which ended with him in detention. This is where he met Tate, who was there for vandalizing a vending machine to protest Sahara's snack policies. Nick hadn't met anyone who was openly anti-Sahara before and by the end of the day he wanted to know more. Eventually he became good friends with Tate, who later introduced him to Trey and Tess. They became inseparable the last half of high school.

He ends up choosing to rebel against his upbringing in the smallest of ways, such as breaking into buildings previously or currently owned by Sahara to start trouble, then using his clearance pass to get out of it.


He is very confident--sometimes too confident, becoming a bit narcissistic at times and stubborn, often refusing to admit blame. This leads to tension with his friends relatively frequently.

He has a caffeine addiction, frequently knocking back energy drinks and coffee. This has just exacerbated his underlying problems, leading to self-control issues. He can be very impulsive and hot-headed, sometimes acting or speaking before he thinks.

He is quite domineering, able to gain and maintain control of a room. He's also very strong, as a result of having a home gym and using it A LOT.

When he's agitated, he tends to clench and unclench his fists. He will take out anger on his punching bag, and this has led to some subconsciously aggressive behavior. He also will mess around with a fidget device when he's somewhere he can't release tension.


Nick is white, with bleached shaggy hair and brown eyes. He is 6' even with an athletic build. He has a tattoo of a violet on his shoulder blade--the symbol of SAG.

Nick's wardrobe consists of suits (for official Sahara functions), tactical gear (for urbex), and jeans, t-shirts, and jean or leather jackets for normal everyday wear. Most of his clothing is black or gray, with some blue and green.

He typically carries a medium-sized TekPak, a slingpack, at all times, containing his tools, his cyberware add-ons, a knife, a Goldenrod, and two wallets with two different IDs. One is his Sahara clearances, one is a fake ID he keeps hidden away for trips to a fence or other things where he wants to keep his Sahara connections secret.



His best friend is Tate. They're been close for years and do a lot together. While at the beginning of the story there is tension due to jealousy, they make up and are closer than ever. Tate balances Nick temperament-wise. He understands Nick can't always be dissuaded from doing something stupid, so Tate often goes along with his plans just to make sure Nick has a quick getaway. After he finds out Tate got Tess pregnant, he gives them a fund for the baby.


Over the course of the book, Nick ends up getting together with Chloe. He initially finds her a bit immature. They start off as just friends because of this. However, he begins to take her with him when he breaks into apartments, during which time they bond. She proves herself and, after a stolen kiss in a closet to cover their asses, the feelings become mutual. Unfortunately, unbeknownst to him, she is Black Violet, a writer for the anti-Sahara resistance website. She rejects his advances, claiming she doesn't want to be distracted, while really covering for the fact that she didn't want to put him in danger. Near the end they end up deciding to get together.


At the beginning of the story, he and Tess have a flirtationship going on, though he can tell Tate is into her and chooses to back off before things progress beyond that. After that they keep things strictly platonic. He looks out for her, however, showing a clear deep respect. After he finds out she's pregnant, he gives her and Tate a fund for the baby.


He and Trey are close, albeit not as much as him and Tate. Trey tends to be the one to keep him grounded and help him even out when he becomes angry.

He is friendly towards Silas, Freya, and Jeremy. He finds Cass insufferable, thinking she's too rigid about rules. However, this doesn't stop him from going to bat for her when she was trying to quit Sahara, and things between them are significantly less tense after this.


Nick initially is a trust fund kid, living off of his father's income as CFO. All employees get a stipend for their children to live off of. After his father's retirement, Nick takes over as CFO.

At the end of the book, he and the rest of the group flee to Alaska, where he gets a job as a fisherman, moving his way up to fishing boat captain within six months due to his spectacular leadership skills.


He really enjoys urbex, doing it with Tate, Tess, and Trey or just Chloe quite often. He enjoys visiting the skatepark with Tate. Urbex gives him an addictive adrenaline high and he gets cocky over time, having gotten in trouble multiple times. He spends a lot of his home life in his personal gym. He enjoys watching old movies with Tate.