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Tate Alexander Gallagher is one of the primary protagonists of Silicon Flux.


Tate and his brothers are a rarity in the Post-War world--their parents managed to have and support three children. They were raised in the wilderness outside of New Seattle until Tate was in his teens, when they died and he was forced to move into the city and go to high school.

As a result he was relatively well-adjusted socially, though not great around girls. He chose to go to college, which is the only reason he has cyberware at all. He regretted it though, as it left him with no job prospects other than being a barista at the coffee kiosk where Alice works.

He met his friends in detention after he was caught vandalizing a school vending machine. They all bonded over a mutual hate of Sahara and remained close even after leaving high school.


Tate is Silas and Jeremy’s more reserved younger brother. He tries to be everyone’s friend while also being soft-spoken and doesn’t often speak unless spoken to. He is typically able to keep a cool head in hard situations.

He lives in his older brothers' shadows and is okay with this. He likes being in the shadows and does a lot of urban exploring with his friends as a result.

He is also witty, enjoying joking around and verbally sparring with his friends.

He has minor depression, and for the first part of the novel he takes antidepressants via injection. He eventually stops as circumstances change and he feels he no longer needs it.


Tate is white, with brunette hair and green eyes. He is 5'10" with average build. He has a tattoo of a violet on his shoulder blade, along with every other SAG member. He is near-sighted, wearing contacts to make up for this. He is clean-shaven. He is very agile, moving around easily.

Tate usually is in baggy clothing, hoodies and military coats. He wears tactical clothing, preferring that it helps him blend in. He wears a lot of neutrals and earth tones, particularly gray, black, and blue.

He has a TekPak. Inside, he keeps his pistol, a knife, a first aid kit, night vision goggles, a vape, and a fake ID.



He is very close to Nick and they view each other as brothers. He tries to balance out Nick's wild and fiery nature with calm, mild-mannered logic, though every so often Nick is the reasonable one. He knows Nick better than anyone, often choosing to go along with his schemes because he knows trying to reason with him would be fruitless. He struggles with jealousy over Nick's rapport with Tess, but Nick backs off once he realizes it bothers Tate, and they come out closer than ever.


He has a romantic interest in Tess, but is concerned their personalities would clash too much. He instead chooses to be there for her as a friend. They grow close, eventually falling into bed together one drunken night. After this, they carry on a friends with benefits relationship, slowly falling for each other. They end up together with a baby, a boy they name Trey.


He and Trey are good buddies, and Trey tries to be a good mediator for him. Trey urges him to go after Tess. When Tess tells Tate she's pregnant, the first person they tell is Trey. Later that night, Trey takes a shot meant for Tess, giving his life for her and their baby. They name the baby Trey in his honor.


He and his brothers are close, but they clearly think he's immature and reckless.

He is friendly with Freya, helping her with house tasks when he's around. He sometimes serves Alice her morning coffee and they're friendly; she also encourages him to pursue Tess.


Tate works as a barista at the coffee kiosk in Alice's building. He works there from 9-5 five days a week. He dreams of moving up in the world but also feels trapped.

At the end of the book, he flees to Alaska and finds a job as a carpenter.


Tate likes to go hunting with his brothers and it’s a large part of their brotherhood. He also enjoys urbex with his crew and going to the skatepark with Nick. He and Nick are cinephiles and enjoy watching old movies in particular. He is also very interested in architecture. This is something he and Tess bond over. He is very good with his hands and enjoys making things.