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Teslyn Andromeda 'Tess' Lynch is a primary protagonist in Silicon Flux.


She has a dark past, with an abusive ex who left her with a scar below her left eye. She never told anyone about the incident, feeling too ashamed to admit it. Tate is the first person she opened herself up to.

She also discovers prior to the story that she is infertile, something she spiraled upon discovering. She partook in dangerous sex (not like she could get pregnant after all) and other self-destructive behaviors. She obviously discovers the hard way that infertile =/= sterile.

She has trouble trusting people considering her history with men and friends in general, it takes her a long time to fully open to Tate in spite of their relationship.

Her parents aren't mentioned, but it's implied they're no longer alive. It's clear that if they are alive, neither of their daughters have had any contact with them for a very long time.


Tess is Cass’ younger sister. Where her sister is very authoritative, Tess is quite free-spirited and doesn't like to follow the rules. She’s a very open person, even showing exhibitionism at times, having no qualms about being skimpily clad in front of her friends. She is very charming and knows how to get what she wants. She is a bit of a hardass but can also be charming when needed. She is very attractive and often uses this to seduce men into giving her info she needs or wants. Despite this, once she and Tate begin their dalliance, she feels little need to seek others.

She is not only charming and attractive, she’s extremely intelligent. Her knowledge of and admiration for architecture is one of her passions.

She has a habit of biting her nails, something she has mostly shaken off but fights the urge to do when she's under great stress.


Tess is white, with long, straight, light blonde hair and blue eyes. She is 5'5" with a slender build. She has a light scar below her left eye. She has a nostril piercing, a navel piercing, and her ears are double-pierced. She has a tattoo of a violet on her shoulder blade--the symbol of SAG. She also has a pink heart on her hipbone and a butterfly on her lower back. She is left-handed.

Her attire typically consists of bodycon clothing that is easy to move around in. This means she's often in a crop top and hot pants or leggings, with a leather jacket on cooler days. She also has a small collection of t-shirts and jeans she wears on occasion. Tate gave her a platinum anklet with her initial on it for Christmas one year and she almost always wears it (other than if she's concerned it'll fall off). He gives her a meteorite necklace the Christmas during the novel and she wears it for luck. She wears a large variety of colors, typically in muted shades.



She and Tate are best friends, but she’s unaware that he has romantic interest in her. Initially she isn’t interested, as she prefers to live life fast and free and he wants a steady relationship, but as time goes on her priorities shift, and after she falls unexpectedly pregnant they take the step from friends to FWB to dedicated lovers and parents as the story progresses.


She and Nick had somewhat of a flirtationship, and she found him attractive, but also was turned off by his narcissism and conceitedness and once she began sleeping with Tate they kept things platonic. He is very respectful towards her and they're friendly.


While not originally all that close, Trey was very encouraging in telling her to pursue Tate. He was also the first person she and Tate told about the pregnancy, at which time he asks if she'll name it after him. Later that night, he sacrifices his life to a Sahara security droid to save her and her baby's life. She and Tate end up naming their son Trey in his honor.


Despite being siblings and their parents not being in the picture for several years, Tess and Cass don't get along much. Tess feels like Cass has a stick up her ass and Cass finds Tess to be too lackadaisical.

She is friendly with Chloe; they don't have much in common, but she respects her as a team member and someone her friend is interested in. At the end they bond while their boyfriends are bonding.

She is also close to Bronwyn, who finds her past relatable and also sees her as a younger sister. Tess cherishes her bond with Bronwyn, as her relationship with Cass has always been strained.

Freya has always been kind to her.


Tess lives off of a trust her parents set up for her. It's not much, but it's enough for an apartment in the same complex as Tate and her motorcycle, which she uses to get around.

She is very mechanically inclined, able to make repairs on her bike herself and frequently helping with the others' cars. In many cases, she will take 'spare' parts and sell them for a profit. She has an eye for architecture and is good at noticing specifics about structures nobody else notices. She repairs things for a small fee, except when it comes to her friends, who she helps for free.


Tess loves architecture and shares this love with Tate. She also enjoys urbex with Tate, Trey, and Nick. She spends a good amount of time reading and especially enjoys reading about history and 20th-century architecture.