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Silicon Flux is Katie's cyberpunk action-adventure novel, drafted between September 2021 and September 2022. It blends sci-fi, action/adventure, and romance. While it is currently undergoing large changes plotwise, this is the plot as it stands now. It follows a group of friends who take down a megacorporation.


After a Sahara-commissioned android glitches and sends an email to anti-Sahara resistance revealing plans for an insurance scam, a ragtag group of friends must band together to take down a force bigger than themselves, with some inside help.


Major Characters

Nicholas Ledger

Nick's father is CFO of Sahara, and that is exactly why Nick hates them. He is reminded of his family's legacy every time he walks from his luxurious high rise penthouse apartment to his best friend's dingy apartment in the slums. When his father steps down and forces Nick to take over, he decides to use it to his advantage. He has anger issues that he struggles to channel.

Tate Gallagher

Tate is Nick's soft-spoken, mild-mannered best friend. The youngest of three, he prefers being Nick's sidekick. He begins an ongoing situationship with Tess against his better judgment. He ends up accidentally getting Tess pregnant and they get together.

Teslyn Lynch

Tess is a hard-as-nails biker girl from the same building as Tate. She has no tolerance for Sahara. Her sister's employment there has caused a great deal of tension between them. Has a situationship with Tate; she's too afraid to pursue more until she falls pregnant as a result.

Chloe Carlisle

Chloe is a teenager who writes for her older sister's anti-Sahara blog under an alias. She and Nick are very interested in each other, but she's afraid of the conflict of interest when he finds out about her blogging activities.

Trey Parker

Trey is the funny cousin everyone wants to sit with at family dinners. He's the group mediator and class clown. He is killed by a Sahara security droid at the end of the book.

Minor Characters

Alice Carlisle--Chloe's older sister, she begins a relationship with Ivy Wheeler, who isn't all she seems to be.

Bronwyn Thompson--Freya's younger sister. Tess' best friend/mentor figure who tries to keep Tess on the straight and narrow.

Cassiopeia Lynch--Tess' older sister, Sahara employee for part of the book.

Freya Gallagher--Wife of Silas. Mother of Isla. Bronwyn's sister. Alice's best friend.

Ike Wheeler--CEO of Sahara and secondary antagonist. He takes orders directly from the mysterious 'Board of Directors' without asking too many questions.

Ivy Wheeler--Alice's love interest and tertiary antagonist. Ike's daughter.

Jeremy Gallagher--Tate's eldest brother.

Kairi Ishikawa--Lily's girlfriend. Moved in with Lily after fleeing her home in Japan due to homophobia.

Lily Macklin--Friend of Trey's.

Silas Gallagher--Tate's middle brother. Married to Freya, father of Isla.


Cyberpunk 2077 was a very heavy influence. The photography of Brandon Woeffel offered the aesthetics needed for inspiration. The timeline arose from real life events and what seemed to be a feasible timeline to lead to the future portrayed.


A sequel is planned and in the plotting stages called Silicon Haze. This story follows the children of the leads in this one.