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Katie has written hundreds of poems and song lyrics. The majority are unfinished.

Early Poetry (2005-2009)

Songbook #1 (2005-2008)

Katie attended a scrapbooking class hosted by her mother, where instead of making a journal, she asked if she could make a songbook instead. She created her first songbook. Soon after, she wrote her first 'song', titled 'Christmastime'. She filled this songbook until the end of 2008, when she received a new one for Christmas. This songbook was the most rough, with many 'songs' taking up less than a page and not even coming close to rhyming or having rhythm.

Songbook #2 (2009)

The second songbook, Katie began her default format of dating everything she wrote. This one wasn't in use long; Katie wrote a lot and filled it quite quickly. This covers the second semester of 8th grade, just before she moved back to Indiana, and deals with those themes, along with crushes and boyfriends.

High School (2009-2013)

Songbook #3 (2009-2010)

This covers all of Katie's freshman year of high school, and discusses things she was going through then.

Songbook #4 (Summer 2010)

This one was full within two months. Katie had a rough summer and wrote to cope with her feelings.

Songbook #5 (Summer 2010-Spring 2011)

This one was written from September 2010 to April 2011 and covers most of Katie's sophomore year of high school. This one was briefly used in tandem with Songbook #6.

Songbook #6(2011-Summer 2012)

This songbook covers all of Katie's junior year.

Songbook #7 (Fall 2012-Spring 2013)

This songbook spans all of Katie's senior year of high school. Due to certain circumstances, the original copy is considered lost and is extremely unlikely to ever resurface. Fortunately, during graduation prep, all lyrics were backed up and unless edits were made later (unlikely), the content itself has been preserved.

Later Works

Songbooks #8 and 9

Attempts were made to write a songbook 8 and 9, but the book for 9 is missing and book 8 is not only unfinished, it has yet to be transcribed due to being written after the graduation backup.


There was other material written over the years in a less formal style. These are scattered amongst various sources, from notebooks to documents to online art forum submissions. While some of her work can be viewed online, much of what had been previously posted was privated.


Katie covers a variety of topics in her work. Romance was a popular topic. Having grown up Fundamentalist Christian, this was a popular topic as well up until her deconversion in 2016. She wrote about family matters and friendships. She even liked playing around with nonsense themes sometimes, or niche topics such as her favorite TV shows.